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Co-extruded profiles

Co-extrusion is a basic extrusion process. The process allows for the convergence of rubber materials that obtain different properties like color and consistency.

The types of co-extruded profiles:
1. The basic type is dense EPDM rubber + sponge EPDM rubber, with metal carrier (steel or wire carrier), this type of co-extruded profiles also called edge trims or trim seals.
2. It is very popular type too, we name it as dual hardness rubber profiles, main material is dense EPDM rubber and sponge EPDM rubber.
3. PVC dual hardness profile, main material is rigid PVC and soft PVC

The materials we used in marking co-extruded profiles:
EPDM rubber has good features of weather resistance, anti-UV, anti-aging and anti-ozone.
Compare with EPDM rubber, PVC has advantage of cheap price and recyclable, and it is easy to make multiple colors. But the disadvantage is low physical property and poor weather resistance (except improved PVC material).

All our co-extruded profiles are RoHS compliant.

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