According to the quantity, product design and application, we can utilize a compression, transfer or injection molded manufacturing process to get you the best products with competitive prices.

1. Compression molding
It is the process of an uncured rubber pre-form in a mold, under specified pressure and heat, the rubber gains cross link density and cures out. Compression molding is a low waste efficient and cost effective molding method.

2. Injection molding
Uncured material is injected by screw or cylinder through injection gate into closed molding plate. After that, the materials will be cured under specified pressure and heat.

3. Transfer molding

It is similar to injection molding, the transfer molding is good at products with complex design.

Rubber materials:

SBR, NR, NBR(Buna-N), EPDM, Neoprene(CR), Latex, Silicone(VMQ), FKM, FVMQ, etc.

Plastic materials
PC, TPE, PP, ABS, POM, PA, PE, etc.

Types of molding products

Rubber grommet, rubber plugs/rubber feet/rubber stoppers, oil seals, rubber buffers, rubber car license plate frame, silicone keypad, silicone ice tray, rubber bellows, rubber band, rubber duck valves, rubber plucker finger, rubber bumpers, rubber washers, rubber gaskets, rubber bend hose, rubber balls, oil seals, etc

Test reports available

UL94v0 test reports, Reach SVHC test reports, ROHS test reports, SGS FDA compliance report, NFF16-101 compliance report.

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